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News Update: February 19th, 2008

If you have any articles, news or photographs for submission, Contact Us Here


SFUK is retiring.

Please browse the archives and continue to use the forum, but for up to the minute MMA & Grappling News, visit





The History of BJJ in the UK

SFUK are looking for the memories and pictures of anyone who was around at the birth of BJJ in the UK in the late '90's early '00s

Click here for more information



Gracie Invitational - Photo Galleries (updated 21/05)

Some photos from the Black Belt superfights and purple and brown belt divisions (click on the photos below to access the galleries).

Purple Belt divisions       Brown Belt divisions      Black Belt Superfights




ADCC 2007 - Photo galleries (updated 12/05)

An excellent set of photo albums from the European Fight Network's reporter at the recent ADCC 2007 World Submission Wrestling Championships.  

Just click on the picture to access each gallery - Hope you like them!

  ADCC Saturday          ADCC Sunday (Pt 1)      ADCC Sunday (Pt 2)


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