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I want Doerkson - Lee Murray

Lee Murray

Lee Murray looking sharp, click for bigger pic + Lee's new tatt.

Lee Murray wants to fight Joe Doerkson! After losing to Doerkson by keylock in Extreme Challenge 34, Murray demands a rematch. He suggests that James Zikic fights Chris Bacon instead. Zikic has lost twice to Bacon, so a double rematch may be on the cards. SFUK 6 February 2001

Zikic v Doerkson

Promoter Andy Jardine has confirmed that, James Zikic will be fighting Joe Doerkson, who replaces the injured Lee Hasdell in Millenium Brawl 2.

Canadian Joe Doerksen fights for Team Extreme, he fights at around 190-195 lbs. His last fight was against The Shark Tanks John Alessio who lost to Pat Miletich at UFC 26. Joe won the fight by rear naked choke at 3:48 of round 2. Joe has been a student of BJJ for 4 1/2 years under Rodrigo Mondruca. Joe has been studying boxing and kickboxing for the last six months and has a greatly improved stand up game. Joe is fast and aggressive which will appeal to fans. He's has had success in the Bas Rutten Challenge, Extreme Challenge and Superbrawl. He's already beaten one of the UK's best, Lee Murray in Extreme Challenge 34. Both Joe and Jamie seem to be very evenly matched. This will be a helluva fight.

Thanks to Pooch. SFUK 4 February 2001

New BJJ Books

The Technique for February is up at Click here to see the technique This month's technique is from the JIU-JITSU.NET Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Technique Calendar. We should be sold out soon, so order yours while supplies last.

Updates - I am working hard on two new books: An advanced version of the BJJ Handbook (should be ready by this spring/summer) and a Really cool book of Advanced Escapes (ready by this winter). Stay on the Mailing list for updates about the release. We will be offering substantial discounts for all of you who purchased the original version of the BJJ Handbook (still available at the site). The new book will be filled with both Beginner and Advanced techniques with and without a gi. I'm really excited about this book and can't wait to realease it this spring.

It was originally intended to be the BJJ Complete - but was a better book as an Advanced version of The BJJ Student Handbook. Again, If you have already purchased the book, save your order number, that will be the key to a huge discount on the next book. If you are intending on ordering the Original BJJ Handbook - it is still available now, so buy it now & save your order number for the discount on the next book - your patronage and kind support will not go unrewarded. Thanks & Enjoy, Aranha

Click here for reviews on SFUK of the BJJ Handbook. 4 February 2001

Lee Hasdell - Eye injury - No MB2

Lee Hasdell was involved in a training accident this week. He was holding the thai pads when his student hit the wrong pad sending the corner of the pad into Lee's eye. The injury was serious enough for Lee to be taken to Stoke Mandaville Hospital, where he was diagnosed as having a dented and torn cornea.

This is the 3rd injury to the same eye (the last one was when he was hit in the eye by Volk Han in Japan). Doctors have advised Lee not to fight. Unfortunately this means the much anticipated fight with James Zikic @ MB2 is cancelled.

The dent in the cornea has now gone, but it remains to be seen how the cut repairs and if there will be any long term effects on Lee's vision.

All the staff at SFUK wish Lee Hasdell a swift and full recovery. 2 February 2001

Hasdell on the Beeb & MTV

A documentary called 'Total Fight Club' about Lee Hasdell, Danny Batten and Tahir Rashid will be shown on regional (East) BBC 2 next thursday at 7.30 pm. The programme will feature footage from Lee fighting in Japan, Ring of Truth 3 and training at Shin Senjutsu in Milton Keynes. There will also be a phone-in about the programme on local BBC radio after the broadcast.

Lee's video with singer Shea Seger is now complete. It's due for release this month. Look out for the video for her single 'Clutch' on MTV.

Muay Thai/Free Fight Extravaganza!

Not content with producing a first class night’s entertainment at the recent Rings ‘Heroes live Forever’ event in Utretch, Holland on January 28th 2001, the Dutch boys are at it again with a Muay Thai/Free Fight event at the Ahoy in Rotterdam on Sunday 18th March 2001, with a line up to bring tears to your eyes - check out theses names…

  • Ramon ‘Diamond’ Dekker
  • Gilbert ‘Hurricane’ Yvel
  • Ernesto ‘Mr Perfect’ Hoost
  • Remco Pardoel
  • Allistair ‘ Demolition Man’ Overeem
  • Valentijn ‘ The Python’ Overeem
  • Bob ‘The terrible’ Schrijber
  • Samir ‘The Jet’ Benazzouz
  • Rayen Simson
  • Perry ‘Dynamite’ Ubbeda
  • Ronnie Rivano
  • Sem Schilt
  • Martijn de Jong

And many more will be competing on the night. SFUK’s own roving reporter, Carl Fisher will be there in attendance at ringside, bringing MMA fans a blow-by-blow account of the whole tournament, so don’t miss it!

Carl Fisher, 2 February 2001

Results from BJJ Open

Finally the results from the BJJ Open event held in London on the 21st of January. Carl Fisher, 2 February 2001

MMA Star, Dexter Casey retires

Hello everyone,

I have withdrawn from Millennium Brawl 2. I am retiring from Vale Tudo for a number of reasons. My left knee needs an operation that I have been putting off for a long time. I get a lot of pain from it when I wrestle. I am seeing a knee specialist on the 7th to begin the process of sorting this out. My cardiologist who I saw on the 18th says that I am still at risk of stroke when I am at the higher end of the exertion scale. I performed an exercise test and had various scans and tests done, I am basically not far from being normal except for when I am at peak exertion.

I am sorry to disappoint many of you who were hoping to see me fight at MB2

Dexter Casey

SFUK 30 January 2001

Remco Pardoel

Double Dutch. 2 reports from Carl Fisher, who's been hanging out with MMA legend, Remco Pardoel. Check both these links out.

New Barra Times

New times and location for BJJ with Mauricao Gomes - Click here

Hasdell in No Contest

"It was the strangest fight I have had to date, Sander had been taining in Thaiboxing & was hoping to use this against me, I got tipped of a few weeks ago so I change my game plan to use Submission. Sanders was wearing gloves I decided to use open hand (no gloves) & use the old Shoot Style leg Protectors, this confused Sander & he had no game plan to counter it.

The fight started I shot straight in & tied up the Ref broke us up then I shot straight in again, Sander looked to his corner for help, we then went to the ground & I was looking for a leg lock, I know Sander has a fear for this.

The Ref then split us up, I was still getting up when Sander ran in & threw a knee strike straight to my head while I was sitting down, this concussed me & Darren my cornerman jumped in & the Ref said that Sander was disqualified, I was very angry so I jumped up & tried to attack Sander by this time me & Darren were out numbered by about 6000 to 2 so I did'nt take it further (lucky Dutch guys LOL), the officials then said if I do not continue then it is a no contest event though Sander was already disqualified. Because of the cut & concussion Darren advised me not to fight so I did'nt, I was still confused but many fighters said that I did the right thing.".....continued

Lee Hasdell 30 January 2001 - full report soon.

For the best RINGS news we recommend Yoshi's Rising Flame site

Sambo Referee Course

There's a Sambo referee’s course in Salford on Saturday the 3rd Feb. The team Sambo event is due Sunday 4th Feb, Weigh in 10am. - scroll down for details in previous news item. Carl Fisher 25 January 2001

The Key to Unlock the Guard

"When applying a 'Straddle mount', in BJJ terms 'caught in the guard', place one foot flat next to the hip of the adversary, as he grabs for your ankle, shift your weight to that foot and throw the opposite leg around his leg while trapping it in your armpit. From here execute an Achilles tendon submission..... article by Scott Sonnon, SFUKU 24 January 2001

Swiss BJJ Seminars

The Vacirca Jiu-Jitsu Academy is proud to announce, that we will have two TOP experts of BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU in Zurich:

10/11. February 2001 - Master EDSON CARVALHO (5. Degree) 24/25.

March 2001 - Prof. FABIO GURGEL (3. Degree) 8 hours each seminar of pure fighting techniques...

For only Fr. 150.- each seminar or both Fr. 280.- (Swiss francs) For informations, and application form, contact Franco Vacirca at Tel. 079 395 38 78, Fax +41 (01) 813 35 39, E-mail:

The seminars will be held at: VACIRCA JIU-JITSU ACADEMY, EISFELDSTRASSE 16, 8050 ZURICH OERLIKON (SWITZERLAND) Free accomodation in the academy; hotel list available.


Frank Shamrock Invitational News

frank shamrock invitational

Here is information about and rules of Frank Shamrock Invitational : an open Submission Wrestling event. Click for details of rules, accomodation etc.

The competition will be held in Gothenburg Sweden on the 7th of April. The winner in each weight class will be invited to Frank Shamrock's Championship Tournament in the US, which is to be held in May or June. In addition the winner will receive an air ticket (conducted tour) to the competition in the US. You apply by the Fighter Application form. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact me!

Best regards August Wallen

Shooters Shootfighting Viktoriagatan 19 SE- 411 25 Gothenburg Sweden

phone +46 31 7017700 mobile +46 709 986818

22 January 2001

MB2 Only 150 tickets left

Message from promoter Andy Jardine: "there are only 150 tickets left for Millenium Brawl 2. You can get them from me (email or phone 0778 8163653), or better still buy from the fighters as it increases their purse. Kamal Lock is a great fighter to support, buy your tickets from him". Kamal can be reached at 0207 3725936.

21 January 2001

Belfast MMA Amateur Trials - 25 Feb

As you all know, the recent events organised by Thomas Lamont & Jonny Burrows' Unavoidable Productions have been a great success. Sold out venues. Keep you eyes on the site for more news on this. For further info you can call Jonny Burrows on the number below or email

Fred in Belfast - Pancrase Seminar

Fred Rado is teaching a seminar in Belfast in association with Chum Sut Total Fighting. February 24th. This will be a small seminar, so book your early. You can call Jonny Burrows 0796 8060137 - SFUKU 16 January 2001

MB2 Fight Card - Hasdell v Zikic

  • Mark Weir Vs CJ Fernandez (USA)
  • Jon Thorpe Vs Paul James
  • Dexter Casey Vs David Short
  • Alex Reid Vs Mike Tomlinson
  • Glynn Toley Vs Paul Cahoon
  • Lee Murray Vs Chris Bacon
  • Neil McCloud Vs James Keally
  • Daniel Mee Vs Ricky Salhan
  • Sean Cohran Vs Ben Smith
  • Alex Evans Vs Kieran McGee
  • Jeremy Bailey Vs Steve Dempsey
  • Dave Betts Vs Brian Nicholes
  • Ryan Houghton Vs Chin Weakersingh
  • Paul Ramsdale Vs Mike Green
  • Chris Milward Vs Andy Cooper

submitted by Usman 11 January 2001

Grappling Games - Las Vegas


The 1st ever International Grappling Games Las Vegas is where its going to happen. We are hosting six mats of nonstop sport grappling with a kimono on Saturday and six mats of nonstop submission wrestling.... click for more info

Rafiel Torre, 11 January 2001

MB2 Tickets on sale

Andy Jardine's selling tickets to the Millenium Brawl 2. The Ultimate Fight Night was packed, so get these early. £18 Standard, £25 Ringside, £225 - 6 person VIP Table, £300 - 8 person VIP Table. Call Andy on 0778 8163653

Luta Livre hits the UK

On Sunday 25th February 2001 at the Latchmere Leisure Centre, Burns Road, Battersea London, the Luta Livre Submission Wrestling Open Championship European Tournament will be held for the Copa Roberto Leitao. The event starts at 12.00pm and the closing dates for entry is 23rd February 2001. All members must have a valid membership card and the prices are as follows:-

Tickets for members UK LLSWA 5

Tickets for non members 10

Entry fees for members 15

Entry fee for non members 30

The event is sponsored by the UK Brazilian Ju Jitsu Association, Anaconda Brazilian Ju Jitsu and the UK Luta Livre Submission Wrestling Association.

For more details contact Chen Moraes by phone/fax on 00 44 (0) 208 488 9615

Carl Fisher SFUK Correspondent & ADCC Europe 9 January 2001

International BJJ Tournament

24 February 2001 International Open BJJ Tornament in Paris (France)

  • Junior born after 1982
  • Adult born before 1982
  • Female Adult

For more details people can contact me by E-mail or phone the French Hotline: 00 33 1 43 28 29 90, The following day, they will have a seminar with a Black Belt from Carlson Gracie. Fred Rado, 8 January 2001


The Combat Sports Academy in association with Moon Light UK are pleased to announce their two latest mixed martial arts competition events.

COMBAT SPORTS OPEN TRIALS 2 Sunday 25th February 2001, Bath. After the sell-out success of the first trial, the Combat Sports Academy & Moon Light UK present their second trial event. The Combat Sports Open Trials 2 will be held on Sunday 25th February at Culverhay Sports Centre in Bath. Successful competitors at the trials will be invited back for the Combat Sports National Championship in May, to compete tournament-style for a National title, Title Belt and National recognition. The event is open to competitors of all styles and is full contact. Head shots are not permitted. All punches, kicks, knees, throws, takedowns and submissions allowed (full rules book and information pack available free of charge from below address). Look out for a feature on the first trial event in the martial arts magazines in January and February! The official video of the first trial is now available. All places (including spectators) must be booked in advance. There are strictly NO entries on the day.

COMBAT SPORTS SUBMISSION TRIALS 1 Sunday 29th April 2001, Bath The first of two trial events (the second is in June), this new format is set to take the UK by storm. The event is grappling-based and is full contact. Striking is not permitted but all throws, takedowns and submissions are allowed. For full information on the rules, contact the below address for a free information pack. Competitors who give a good performance at the trials will be invited back for the Combat Sports Submission Championship in August to compete tournament-style for a National title, Title Belt and National recognition. The event has been designed to allow martial artists of all backgrounds the opportunity to gain valuable experience in the field of mixed martial arts and to test their own skills and abilities. As usual, all entries (including spectators) must be received in advance are there are strictly NO entries on the day. Weight categories for both events are as follows: -75kg : Lightweight -85kg : Middleweight -95 : Heavyweight -105kg : Super Heavyweight +105kg : Freeweight

For full information on these and more forthcoming events please contact: MOON LIGHT UK 12 Lower Oldfield Park Bath BA2 3HL Tel/Fax : (01225) 359666 E-mail :

Dale Adams 6 January 2001

Millenium Brawl Videos

MB1 videos are ready from Andy Jardine £19.95 Call 0778 816 3653 for details

Tournament news from LA!

My good friend Ryan Gregg from Machado Ju Jitsu in Torrance Los Angeles informs me they will be hosting the International Grappling Games in Las Vegas on February 24th and 25th 2001. It is their intention to welcome as European coverage as they can and will be sending me more information over the next few days, so keep these dates handy in your diary. More news as it comes! Spread the word!

Carl Fisher, SFUK Correspondent, ADCC Europe and FORMA UK.

BJJ News from France

My good friend from informs me of the following :

Second International Grappling Open of Paris on Saturday April 28th 2001

This will take place at the Gymanse Leo Lagrange, 68 Boulevard Poniatovski 75012, Paris, the same place as last year, near the ‘Bois de Vincennes. Weight classes are in effect and the weigh in is at 10.30 AM and entry will cost 100 FF ($12, 10, 15 Euros), 50FF or 5 to spectate. For further details contact the President of UIBGDA and Machado representative Gael Coadic on the following:-

00 33 164 30 84 14 or email

Carl Fisher, SFUK Correspondent, ADCC Europe and FORMA UK.

Judo Tournament News

If it’s ippon’s, juji’s, and strangles you’re after, then head on down to the Sobell Leisure Centre, Hornsey Road, London N7 7NY on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th February 2001, for the Second London Millennium Judo International. This was the largest event of its kind last year, entry wise, with a staggering total of 1032 judokas from afar afield as Europe Canada and Lithuania taking to the mats. This year, the event is expecting over 1100 entrants from all over the globe, making it one of the must see events of the year. There will be individual and team trophies up for grabs as well as junior, senior and veterans events for both male and female.

There is still time to enter, so for further details regarding fees, weight groups and rules, contact Bernard Richmond on the following :

  • Telephone: 00 44 (0) 208 981 3880
  • Fax: 00 44 (0) 208 980 8680

Or alternatively visit their website at

ADCC Europe Correspondent Carl Fisher will be there the whole weekend covering the event, so get down and say hello.

Carl Fisher, SFUK Correspondent, ADCC Europe and FORMA UK.

Sambo Tournament News

It’s time once again to dust off the old Sambo boots and head on down to the Olympic Wrestling Academy, Lower Broughton, Salford on Sunday 4th February 2001, for the National Team Sambo Championships. Organised by FORMA UK, there will be three weight categories; -74, -90 and over 90 Kilos, with teams entering from all corners of the country. If the last tournament was anything to go by, there will be some stiff opposition and displays of top quality Sambo throughout the day. As ever, Carl Fisher will be there to cover the event, throw by throw, so keep training and come on down and support this event which will be edge of the seat action all day.

For further details contact Carl Fisher on 00 44 (0) 7748 900334 or Matthew Clempner on 00 44 (0) 7968 795097.

Carl Fisher, SFUK Correspondent, ADCC Europe and FORMA UK.




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