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Gracie Barra Northern Ireland








Instructor : Graham Keys

Contact: Jonathan

Graham Keys (Gracie Barra blue belt) runs a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class in the Valley Leisure centre @ 2.00pm every Saturday afternoon.

Graham Keys and Frank McConville (Mauy Thai) run a Vale Tudo class on the top level of the Frames complex @ 7:00pm every Wednesday evening.

All levels welcome!

There is an exciting sharing of knowledge vibe happening between Grahams Jiu Jitsu guys and Franks Mauy Thai fighters and only good things can result. Adults classes





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Please email us with details of your club or any you're trained at. We want the name, addresses, style, type of training/curriculum - in fact a general review of the club. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive guide to MMA training in the UK. Please make sure it's MMA related.



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