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FORMA UK Tournament News

Matthew Clempner, President of FORMA UK, hosted the National Sambo Team Championships at the English Olympic Wrestling Academy, Salford, Manchester on February 4th, 2001. Teams travelled as far afield as Glasgow and Portsmouth for the event, which comprised of three man teams in light, medium and heavy weight divisions, with each club entering as many teams as possible.

dave rogers

Dave Rogers

In the opening rounds Phoenix Sambo A team stood out with middleweight Kevin Grannel and heavyweight Dave Rogers, scoring total victories with identical techniques (pick up katagurumas), while lightweight Steve Crutchley displayed fine wrestling skills to help steer the team to the finals. Glasgow Dynamo and Tsyklon Sambo from Portsmouth battled it out for Bronze position, treating the crowd to a fine display of Sambo wrestling, but it was the Academy Team and Phoenix Sambo A that went to the finals.

First out was Steve Crutchley against P. Mills for Academy. The match was short lived as Mills scored a total victory with a cleanly executed shoulder throw. Kevin Grannel faced Matthew Clempner jnr for a tough bout for both players. After a few heated tussles and two extensions after the final whistle, Grannel scored against the young Clempner to take the match and bring the sides even. As befits a final, the outcome went down to the last match between Dave Rogers (Phoenix) and D. Walker (Academy). The action was thick and fast from both wrestlers, but it was Walker who was ahead on points in the first instance. Rogers began counter attacking and then looked to run out of steam, and eventually tapped out to an arm bar, leaving Academy to collect the gold medal.

It was also pleasing to note two women’s team had entered the event, Urmston Judo Club and a mixture between Glasgow Dynamo and Tsyklon Sambo. The women were just as aggressive as the men, Urmston Judo Club taking the gold, with heavyweight Sharon Mills submitting her opponent with a classic juji gatame combination attack. Junior Sambo events were held in between the senior events and rounded off a fine day of competition on all levels.

mens senior sambo

Mens senior group


Men’s senior event

Gold — Academy

  • P. Mills
  • M. Clempner
  • D. Walker

Silver — Phoenix A

  • S. Crutchley
  • K. Grannel
  • D. Rogers

Bronze — Glasgow Dynamo

  • A. Grey
  • P. Flannery
  • D. Keir

Bronze — Tsyklon Sambo

  • D. Wiltshire
  • M. Quinn
  • Leigh Til


Ladies senior event

Gold — Urmston Judo Club

  • Laura Clempner
  • Stephanie Carey
  • Sharon Mills


Silver — Dynamo/Tsyklon

  • Nicola Dusgapta
  • Jamie Hill
  • Christine Evans


Written by Carl Fisher , SFUK, ADCC Europe




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