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veenendaal mixed martial arts & muay thai event


Veni Vidi Vici

Veenendaal MMA / Muay Thai event

The show was perfect, the security was perfect, the public was perfect, the fights were perfect, this show was just perfect. The matchmaking was well done and every fighter did the best he can, it was no 2H2H but it sure beats most MMA shows. SFUK was at the scene to keep you updated about the MMA scene in Holland.

Following are the results of the Veenendaal MMA/Muay thai event: Veni Vidi Vici,

Veenendaal April 22, 2001

1. Muaythai-C: Raymond Staring (KB Arnhem) wins by TKO from Stefan Paul (Bully's gym)

2. Muaythai-C: Toufik Btili (Mousid gym) by decision from Mohamed Bouya (Bully's gym)

3. Mixfight: Marcel Denswill (Mandingo gym) by decision (2-1) from Rene Boutestijn (Kam Lung)

4. Muaythai-B: Enrico Grootenhuis (LdW) draw IJsbrand Schaap (Kamakura)

5. Kickboxing A ET IKBO -66kg: Kamal Chabrani (Vos) by decision from Alexander Batthauer (KSS Schwarz, D)

6. Mixfight: Dave Dalgliesh (vd Mey) wins by TKO from Richard Plug (Fysio sportline)

7. Muaythai A ladys: Ilonka Elmont (Carbin) by decision from Tomi Kaze (Japan)

8. Muaythai-A: Karim Mrabet (Bully's gym) wins by KO from Aziz Karaoglu (Germany)

9. Vale Tudo: Simonov (Red Devil, Russia ) wins by submission (due punches) from Martijn de Jong (Bad Boy)

The russian terror was much better in the standing part but also the ground-fighting skills of the Russian were outstanding. A few strikes from both sides, Simonov takes de Jong to the ground, made mount position and landed full metal jacket headshots to Martijn de Jong, the Golden Glory member had to give up.

10. Muaythai A: Joeri Mes (Mike's gym) wins by judge desicion Fouad Tijarti (Mousid)

Probably the best Muaythai match of the evening. Two fighters striking each other with serious combinations and solid kicks and punches. The referree came between after Mes was finishing Tijarti. The best match for Muay Thai this evening was made!

11. Vale Tudo: Khalid Arrab (Germany) wins by submission from Peter Varga (Hungary)

28 Seconds was enought to take Varga down, submit him by armlock and take the winners trophy home.

Remco Pardoel was supposed to fight Varga, but because of a appointment in Paris to fight a Brazilian in a bjj match he was not able to be there. Khalid is a student of Remco and we will hear more form this German guy.

12. Kickboxing ET IKBO -95kg: Rodney Faverus (Mejiro gym) wins by KO (liverpunch) from

Peter Verschuren (Mike's gym)

The most agressive match of the evening, solid headshots, iron leg kicks and one puch on the liver were enough to reward Rodney Faverus as the new World Champion by the IKBO.

13. Free fight: Joop Kasteel (Nieuwendam) winner by submission (shoulderlock) over Roman Zentsov (Russia)

As a big suprise Joop won by submission. Normaly Kasteel destroys his opponent by KO or by 2 rounds kicking ass. This time the Russian used Kasteel as a punching bag and with no mercy almost KO’d the former bodybuilder. Kasteel took Zentsov to the ground and made a perfect shoulderlock, very technical and a good performance by Joop Kasteel.

Submitted by Wiggert Meerman, SFUK Holland Correspondent.


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