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lee hasdell absolute fighting championship
Lee Hasdell - post AFC interview 6 May 2000

Letter from Lee Hasdell

Thanks for the support from the sfuk site recently. As you know I have had a bad injury, I am feeling much better now although I will not be able to fight for some time now.

I just wanted to give the SFUK members some official news direct from myself (no rumours)

With regards to my fight career: I have always taken risks I would not be in this profession if I could not take them, but there are always limits & I think that I just pushed them to far this time but I feel that it was meant to be I believe that all things happen for a purpose its just down to us how we deal with them.

Taking on 5 matches in 3 months was little bit to much for me I think. Most pro fighters carefully select there fights I did not ever choose the style or fighter so I feel that I took unneccesary risks that most fighters would'nt, so I will be abit more fussy next time around. I don't want to go into to much detail & I am not looking for any excuses, the results where not to good but I do feel that I was alittle bit unlucky some times, anyway its done now & time to reflect & move on.

I have leant alot from all of my fights win, lose or draw & sometimes I feel that I have learnt more in defeat.

With regards to my resent injury, I am going to under go surgury from a private Orthapedic Surgeon who specialises in this type of injury. Basically he will rebuild the ligament damage using the latest Keyhole surgury. I first damaged my shoulder 8 years ago but refused surgury & it is just a build of repetitive stress from my active lifestyle.

All in all I will be out of the ring for 6months to a year approx. Then I will come back doing some BJJ matches first to test myself out. There is alot happening in my life of late so the rest will alow me to focus in on my other projects.

I am heavily into to Internal Arts like Reiki & Yoga, I am now a practising Reiki Healer & I am studying to be a Yoga teacher, but at present I intergrate many of the techniques into my SSJ Jujitsu training & teaching.

An example is the Method of Yoga is the same as my SSJ Jujitsu: 1. Structure 2. Movement 3. Energy 4. Breathing 5. Awareness I concetrate the SSJ Jujitsu on these methods, there are so many cross overs between Yoga & Jujitsu I think that in some time Yoga will be very popular in the MMA's, I would like to help inovate this by adapting Yoga for MMA's.

I will be releasing a new website help this concept to unfold & develop. I feel that it is the right path for me to follow, as I have studied Alternative health for many years now & to combine Budo, Reiki & Yoga is my ultimate task.

I am also busy lauching the CBA Combined Budo Association at the moment.

The CBA's plan is to help answer these questions:

Do you need/want a Black Belt that relates to your training?

Do you need insurance for your Combined/Mixed Martial Arts School?

Do you want to enter exciting MMA's competitions?

Do you want to be apart of an organization that specializes in MMA's?

These are the first questions that we will answer. The CBA will independently award success applicants with an official CBA Black Belt certificate. It is very difficult to get the recognition & respect in the MMA's. The CBA understands the hard work & achievements you have made in training in modern MMA's. So basically MMA'ist can get all of these from a MMA's group. All of this will take alot of hard work but this the plan & challenge I have set myself. Our Mission Statement is "Common Sense & Good Manners".

I would like to thank all at SFUK & the forum readers for making MMA's more professional & for giving me the chance to communicate my mind. Thank You,

See you soon in good Health. Lee Hasdell

KOK photos here!


Get well soon Lee, from everyone at SFUK. - 12 June

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