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London Shootfighters go to ADCC
ADCC & London Shootfighters

Interview by SFUK, 8 February 2001

Paul & Alexis, the instructors at London Shootfighters went to train at Adu Dahbi Combat Club in January, here's what they got up to and what's next for Paul & Alexis:

alexis ricardo morais paul

Alexis, Ricardo Morais & Paul

SFUK: Hey Paul, hows it going, let's have a chat about ADCC, you've recently come back right?

Paul : Yeah. We went out to Abu Dahbi, mainly because we've got a good relationship with Sheik Tahnoon. He's come and trained with us a few times and each time he's come he's invited us to come out and train. We decided that we had the time and wanted to go out there and improve our connections with him and also go out and see what all the guys are like who train there. And hopefully just see what our chances are to make it into the competition.

When we got out there we were looked after completely. They were so nice to us. They competely took care of all our different needs and all the teachers were there at our disposal. We actually encountered some of the best teaching EVER, in any shape or form.

They had a wrestling instructor there who's known as Sasha, he's full name is Alexander Savco, who an ex world champion who's also place number 2 in Abu Dahbi Competition. He was an amazing coach who Alexis and I both learnt tons off.

sasha and Paul

Sasha & Paul

It was a lot of fun. We got to spar with guys like Ricardo Morais, a Brazilian guy called Fernando who's their JJ instructor. We got to do some very good training, there was a bit of a lack of bodies to spar with because it wasn't a busy time for them. We got looked after, we got to stay at the health club, nice sunshine!

Alexis: We're going back in April. Out there we were training basically 6 hours a day. About 4 hours of wrestling and 2 hours of jiu jitsu/submissions. Stand up stuff everyday...did a bit of boxing as well. The facilities are amazing. The people are very very nice. Very helpful, and hopefully we're looking to take a team out there. We had a very very good time. We wanna take a team out later on in the year. Because they have trials out there. They don't have European trials to get into Abu Dahbi so we're gonna go out there and stay in the Combat Club and take trials.

alexis & sasha

alexis & sasha

SFUK: Do they (ADCC) know about this?

Alexis: Yeah, yeah. It's not like a set date or anything, it's just our plan.

SFUK: How did you do in your sparring?

Paul : Mixed results. None of us got tapped, but Ricardo Morais didn't get tapped and neither did Sasha.

Alexis: We had a couple of exhibition bouts out there, for some peoples pleasure *grins*.

ricardo morais

Ricardo Morais

SFUK: You went up against Ricardo Morais yeah?

Alexis: Yeah, was very big and very tough.

SFUK: Why didn't Paul go up against Morais, he's closer in weight.....

Alexis: Ricardo had pulled an intercostal muscle so he couldn't go with too heavy people. But he (Paul) had a go against a Brazilian Black Belt and out pointed him.

Fernando & Paul

SFUK: So what happened with Morais?

Alexis: I went half an hour with him, then he pulled out with a back injury. That was tough. He's a very very strong man, very big and very nice. And hopefully we can have him over here in next couple of months to improve all our fight games.

SFUK: You held up really well though, considering these were ADCC veterans...

Paul : Yeah, it was good. All the different instructors were asking where we gonna come out (to the ADCC tournament), but....

SFUK: What did they think of your standard?

Paul : They think we're good. Obviously they can see improvements in certain areas. Definitely. My stand up wrestling, when I compare myself to someone like Sasha, I can see how far I have to go because he was amazing. But considering Alexis and I have done it just over a year over here and we've got limited coaching, he's quite happy with our potential. I think he enjoyed having us around, because we were 2 people who were clamouring for every bit of knowledge he had. I mean we'd bug him all day to come and teach us and I think he enjoyed it too. Hopefully he should be coming over in summer. He said he'd like to depending how busy he is and whether the Sheik says its OK. We're gonna definitely line him up to do seminars for the UK, so people can learn to do some proper takedowns. Not just for wrestling but he competed in the Abu Dahbi Combat Trials, he knows how to avoid submissions.

SFUK: Paul, what have you got lined up now?

Paul : Me lined up, I've just pulled an intercostal muscle so it's a bit up in the air. In 2 weeks I'm supposed to do the North Eastern Wrestling Championships, which I'm hoping, begging, it's still gonna be on.

SFUK: Where's that?

Paul : Somewhere in the North East, I dunno LOL. Peterfield is supposed to be finding out for me, due to my lack of success trying to find out where the last wrestling competition was in Scotland! After that there's the English Championships in March, the Bristish in June, and inbetween that my boxing coach wants me to fight a boxing match within a month. He wants to continue doing a few boxing matches throughout the next 6 months, while the seasons still going. In terms of NHB, I really want to line one up for summer, once the wrestling seasons out of the way. After the June competition, within a month I'd like to do a NHB fight, definitely.

SFUK: How about you Alexis?

Alexis: I'm wrestling for England against Russia, on February 12-25. And that's gonna be a tough competition because I don't think an English person has ever beaten a Russian! We also hoping to fight in Japan later on in the year and if SFUK wanna put on a show sometime, I'm sure we can russle up some fighters!

SFUK: What about London Shootfighters seminars?

Paul : London Shoot seminars, hmm, immanent when we get our arse in gear *smiles*. The next one will be in London I think. However if people are interested in hosting one for us, then gimme a call on my brand new mobile number *waggles new phone* 07780 683 562. London Shoot's been open 2 and a half years and now we actually have a phone number! Or you can email me. Otherwise I suspect it will be the same venue as before. We're looking to cover a mixed of stuff, we wanna do some quite advance submissions stuff this time. Last time was a general coverage of everything, but this time we want to give them quite particular details in the next one.

SFUK: You haven't seen the tape of the last seminar have you?

Paul : Nah I haven't seen the tape.

SFUK: Awesome. I know an instructor who's seen it and says it's totally influenced the way he teaches.

Paul : Cool. That's a good review. It's nice. If you're doing somthing and people actually like it, it makes a helluva difference when people tell you you're doing something right. We get a big kick out of teaching everyone. Like having a bunch of the guys like now, who have reached a pretty high level, considering they all came from pretty weird backgrounds, now everyone's doing pretty well - it's great y'know. It gives you a bit of satisfaction. To see guys like Rob, Kamal and Jamie...they've brought my level up as well.

SFUK: In these 2 and a half years that you've been going, are you surprised at the progress of London Shootfighters?

Paul : Yeah, I dunno, it's picked up....mainly thanks to word of mouth and SFUK. Since it's gone up...and I wanna say thanks to guys like Dexter and Miguel for talking about it. And SFUK. It's mainly been guys that have been talking about it on threads and posts that have helped us out. Generally it's been laziness and not wanting to be too commercial.....I mean at one point, I dunno if anyone noticed this, we put an advert in Combat Magazine that lasted a month before the mobile phone went out of business LOL!

We're happy as long as we've got enough bodies. We want people who are into it and enjoy it - it helps us a lot more.

SFUK: I see new faces every time I come down here.

Paul : Yeah, there's always new people.

SFUK: Also at the Tokei, there was half of London Shoot there..

Paul : Yeah, that's another thing. I think that's due to SFUK website as well, people talked about how good it is and it became known. People finally realised that you gotta wrestle. You can mess around doing takedowns all day, learning a drill, but until you try it out on someone who's gonna sprawl and put your face to the mat you're never gonna learn how to shoot on someone properly. You can learn to takedown for no holds barred, but you've still got to try it out on a wrestler.

SFUK: Thanks.



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