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Lee Hasdell

lee hasdell, rings star

Hasdell at his best - Japan 1999

"Since the early days I have worked tirelessly to promote & develope the MMA scene in the UK, sometimes well & sometimes not so well. Due to the recent developments in my life & with my work in the personal security & defense business I have decided to put my input into MMA & the fight business on hold until further notice. I now need to devote my energy into other things in my life.

I will not be doing interviews, attend or hold events until I have sorted out a few things.

Please respect my decision, it has not been an easy one make as it has been my whole life for a long time but Im sure those near to me will know that I have been struggling to keep going in the fight business.

The SSJ dojo in MK will continue with the help of the blackbelts & the senior students. I will continue in my role as chief instructor & grading officer.

I have found it impossible to work fully on some of my new projects whilst serving to masters in such a capacity. The recent closing of Rings Japan has bought my fight career to a sudden realisation of the cost benefit factor for me in the MMA world.

I will re-negociate my fight career with Rings on there return in the autumn.

I hope that everyone understands my situation, I would like to thank everyone who has helped & supported me to the end & over the years & thanks to SFUK for allowing me to communicate my mind. "

Lee Hasdell. 20 February 2002

uk mma godfather

Hasdell's events:


  • TFF Amateur Vale Tudo Trials Stantonbury Leisure Campus Milton Keynes 1998
  • TFF Amateur Vale Tudo Trials Stantonbury Leisure Campus Milton Keynes September 1998
  • TFF Amateur Vale Tudo Trials Wolverhampton December 1998
  • TFF Amateur Vale Tudo Trials Stantonbury Leisure Campus Milton Keynes 1999
  • TFF Total Grappling Challenge Stantonbury Leisure Campus Milton Keynes Sunday 5th September 1999
  • TFF Amateur Vale Tudo Trials Stantonbury Leisure Campus Milton Keynes Sunday 2nd April 2000
  • Combudo Games 2001 Sport Jui-Jitsu & No Gi Combudo Stantonbury Leisure Campus Milton Keynes Sunday 16th September 2001


  • Total Fight Night Sanctuary Arena Milton Keynes 1997
  • Night Of The Samurai 1 Sanctuary Arena Milton Keynes March 1998
  • Night Of The Samurai 2 Sanctuary Arena Milton Keynes Sunday October 11, 1998
  • Night Of The Samurai 3 Sanctuary Arena Milton Keynes Sunday March 7, 1999
  • KRG 5 Milton Keynes Ice Rink Sunday 3rd Oct 1999
  • Ring Of Truth 1 Sanctuary Arena Milton Keynes Sunday 12th March 2000
  • Ring Of Truth 2 Sanctuary Arena Milton Keynes Sunday 9th July 2000
  • Ring Of Truth 3 Sanctuary Arena Milton Keynes Sunday 15th October 2000
  • SSJ Pro-Am Thaifight-night 2. Milton Keynes Saturday 8th December 2001.

Info supplied by Pooch

Here's a short bio of Hasdell by Yoshi - webmaster of the excellent Rising Flame:

Lee Hasdell, who was an athletics champion at school in the 200m and high jump, so he says he was always athletic. He started Martial arts when he was approximately 12 years old. He learned TKD under Morris Young who was the European Full Contact TKD Heavy weight champion. Next he started to train in boxing, then he met Thaiboxing instructor Bryan Walker. He stayed with Walker for 6 years and in that time he became the British Thaiboxing champion. After Walker's retirement, he went his own way. He trained with many different trainers, for example Thom Harink of Holland, Master Sitbourang (Bas Boon) and Master Toddy. At that time Thaiboxing was the ultimate.

When Lee was in Japan at the K1, he saw some NHB and RINGS matches, straight away he knew this was what we really want to do. The match that inspired him was "Masayuki Nurase vs. Satoshi Honma". (He later fought against Satoshi Honma in the Battle Genesis show. This is the reason why Lee was very motivated.) As soon as he returned to the UK he started to prepare himself to fight in RINGS style.

After that Lee formed a dojo (gym), and he invited fighters from Sambo, Judo, Jujitsu, Thaiboxing etc. So they started cross training. After that Chris Dolman who is the leader of RINGS Holland offered him a match in Holland against the famous Andre Mannert, it was a draw but the "KING of RINGS" Akira Maeda spotted talented fighter Lee Hasdell. There is an interesting episode, Lee came to Japan to learn TOTAL fight in the Maeda dojo, at his own expense. I was very impressed when I heard this story. Now he is one of the leading figures of UK MMA scene, this is the fruit of his great efforts. Lee is a revolutionary fighter!

Please understand here in Japan, there are lots of his fans and RINGS lovers. And please be proud of the "Samurai" from your country. I really love RINGS Network, it always gives me lots of things and it is wonderful that we can share our interesting each other even if we are living in different nations.

Thank you very much, SFUK team and all MA lovers!! Cheers, Yoshi@Rising Flame

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