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Captains of Crush Grippers

captain of crush grippers

Pictured CoC n.1 (on the left), and n.2 grippers

There's an old man that wrestles at the Tokei. He must be into his 70's, and the wrestlers there call him "John-the-Grip". No-one seems to know his surname, and if you ask them of his background, they'll shrug and say they think he was a wrestling champ in his youth. What they all agree on is that he's got an amazing grip and because of that, he's a complete pain to wrestle. John-the-Grip looks like he creaks, this old man is no longer fast, supple nor apart from his hands, strong. Yet the wrestlers down there say "just don't let him get hold of you!". Once John-the-Grip gets a hand on your wrist it's stuck and he's stuck like a limpet. When he gets both hands on your wrist he just lies down and you just go with him. Stuck like glue. Grip strength in wrestling is a very handy asset indeed.

The Captains of Crush train 'Crushing strength"......From the Grip FAQ at - "We feel that there are at least three distinct types of grip strength: 1) crushing, 2) pinching, and 3) supporting. Crushing grip is what most people think of when they think of grip strength - it’s the type of force you exert when you shake hands with someone. Pinch grip strength is what comes into play when you, for example, lift a smooth barbell plate with your fingers on one side and your thumb on the other. Supporting strength is used, for example, when you’re fighting to hang onto a heavy deadlift. "

Which gripper should you buy?

Again from Ironmind, "If you’ve never trained your crushing grip specifically, it’s best to start with the Trainer. If you’ve been training with a sporting goods store gripper, or regularly use hand strength as part of your work, then start with a No. 1. Very rarely does anyone close a No. 2 the first time he tries it, although it is done occasionally. The No. 3 had never been closed the first time anyone tried it - (although Manfred Hoeberl came very close) - until Ken Brown did it at the 1997 U.S. Strongest Man competition. As you might guess, the list of people who have tried to close this gripper reads like Who’s Who in the strength world."

Gripper Resistance levels:

  • Trainer - 100lb
  • n.1 - 140lb
  • n.2 - 195lb
  • n.3 - 280lb - not many have closed this
  • n.4 - 365lb! - Only 1 person - Joe Kinney - has ever closed this gripper!

I wonder which gripper John-the-Grip could close.


Beautifully made and heavy duty, these grippers look and feel bombproof. The first thing that grabs you is the weight - the n.2 gripper is heavy! and feels twice the weight of the n.1. Most people can just about close the n.1 first time, but closing the n.2 is a totally different matter. If you can just about close the n.1, the n.2 gripper will stop you in your tracks. Apparently even the trainer is tougher than just about any other commercial gripper you can buy too.

The knurling is heavy, and bites in well to get a good grip. Ironmind recommends you go easy on these, training them maybe twice a week tops. When you can close your gripper a dozen times you move onto the next one.

As stated by Ironmind above, the grippers will, however only train one aspect of hand strength. So you'll need to supplement your training with pinch grips, wrist curls, static holds, wrist leverage movements etc. There's loads of speciality gear for that at Ironmind too if you want to flex your wallet.

Pros :

  • Bombproof construction, sharp knurled solid (aluminum?) handles over a heavy duty steel coil
  • Internationally recognised measure of strength
  • It works!
  • OK price
  • Definite 'cool factor' - you get certification if you can close the n.3 or 4 grippers

Cons :

  • None really, but the following apply to all grippers of similar design i.e:
  • Not adjustable for hand size
  • No progressive resistance adjustment per gripper (you have to buy a new one when you outgrow your current gripper)
  • The Ivanko type gripper also sold by Ironmind addresses the 2 issues above
  • Doesn't train the thumb (again, more of a generic problem)

Summary : They are good. Get one.


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